If Google is important to your business—and isn’t it always?—talk to us, we are fully skilled to give you the best possible exposure in the natural listings or instigate and manage adwords campaigns where these are more appropriate. This might be part of a full package or your existing website that simply needs its position improved.

SEO Processing of your site

On-Page Work

  • Complete on-page optimisation
  • Adding 301 permanent redirect
  • Image & hyperlink optimisation
  • Heading tag optimisation
  • Adding <alt> tags
  • Interlinking wherever required
  • XML site map creation and submission
  • Robots.txt optimization

Off-Page Work

  • Monthly manual directory submission
  • Article writing (450-500 words)
  • Monthly manual article submission
  • Monthly press release
  • Press release writing monthly
  • Blog post writing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Monthly search engine submissions
  • Classified ad posting

Google Organic Rank Tracking

The most common goal in SEO is to be placed on page one of the organic Google listings. And for many of your most important search terms it is easy to find out if you’re there. But what if you’re not on page one? Then work has to be done. But first of all it is useful to find out exactly where your website appears for your search term. Still fairly straightforward.

But most businesses have a range of terms they need to consider, especially in consideration of the long tail* the most important source of traffic to your website.

It can be a tedious and time consuming business wading through pages and pages of Google results to find your website. We know, wehave done this for clients in the past. Then consider that Google is not the only search engine (no, really, it’s not) and the task mounts to Olympian proportions.

We can run these analyses for you, for a whole range of your keywords and a whole range of search engines. We can run this analysis monthly (or any other period that suits) so you can keep track of how improvements you make to your website focus translate in real results.

We, as a matter of course, analyse results from Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com. We can include any search engine in the world if it is important to your market.

Get in touch if you want to know more about this and get a quote matched to your requirements.

*the Long Tail

The long tail, derived from the statistical term is, in search terms, results from the less competitive keywords. Most of your business will come from the long tail. To appear high in the rankings for very competitive terms like web design or Bath is a very long term, expensive and thankless task. Although it may give you a warm and fluffy feeling to achieve results in these terms, the results will almost certainly not have the quality you need to make a sale. Most of your business will come from complex searches like web design MODx Bath.

There will be a ‘head term’ – in this case ‘web design’ and a number of long tail keywords- in this case . You will get better quality traffic and higher conversion from such long tail terms because the user has already done some filtering for you.

Google Adwords Campaigns

Measurement is the key to success

If you want to shortcut or augment the process of raising your organic profile then it might be worth considering a Google Adwords campaign. Tailored to your budget and expectations this could be cheaper that you think. We put Google Analytics on to all our sites by default and the two products integrate in a very powerful way that enables you to measure the performance of your ads an do A-B splits.